Yellow Princess

Volume Two: Attack on the Amber Citadel
(2017, as co-creator)

“Yellow Princess was the hero I could’ve used when I was eight. Unfortunately time machines don’t exist. But thankfully, Yellow Princess does!”
– Nina Bargiel (Writer for DC Superhero Girls and Lizzie McGuire)

Yellow Princess, everyone’s favourite space-faring adventurer, is back—and this time, she has to face an attack on her home, the Amber Citadel! (Hey… that kinda sounds like the title of this book!)

Daisy May’s the new intern at the Citadel, but the crew doesn’t completely trust her yet. It’s up to Yellow Princess to help them look beyond Daisy May’s appearance—before a sinister group of intruders tears her home apart from the inside! All this, plus the return of FR1END and Scarlet Pilot too!

Go ahead, kids! Bug your parents to get you this book now! It’s got robots and goblins and stuff!

ISBN: 9789811103094

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Volume One: Attack of the Dinosharks
as co-creator)

Meet Yellow Princess—a caring and space-faring adventurer who whooshes across the galaxy helping people and stuff, together with her robot best-friend FR1END!

While on a rescue mission in deep space, Yellow Princess discovers that her brother Scarlet Pilot is in trouble! Can she save him from a fleet of angry, angry Dinosharks? Will Scarlet Pilot survive? What is FR1END doing? Why are you still reading this blurb?!

Flip to the first page to find out!

ISBN: 9789810964924

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