Proof of Life

yabaiyabai__ x Better Than IRL

As of right now, I’m not sure if my submission to Fiction & Feeling’s BETTER THAN IRL anthology will be accepted. While it’ll be nice to be part of the book, it was already incredibly rewarding to have actually finished writing something more personal. It’s not a muscle I’m used to flexing that hard, but when I finally cracked it, it felt so damn good.

What was even more rewarding though was to hear from the people that I talked about in that submission—old friends who already know that I love them, but are still taken aback by what I’ve written.

This piece by Stace was inspired by my submission, and there’s nothing more poetic than her creating new art after reading about me becoming a better writer and person because of her.

Stace Tan (Instagram: @yabaiyabai__)