For at least a year after I’d stopped reviewing movies for a living, I’d sit in the cinema and mentally craft a review for whatever film I was watching at the time.

I tell you this to illustrate what my problem is: my brain doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up. That’s why something like this blog runs the risk of becoming just another place where I’m writing because I’m a writer. And that’s why it’s mostly been me posting art—because words light up my brain and all I want is a bit of darkness and quiet.

(I realise the irony of writing all this out, but I’m not writing this as a writer. I’m writing this as someone who needs to just get this out there, so I can give my problem form and take away its power.)


Rob Sheridan / How to Destroy Angels

What is This

Proof of Life is my attempt at blogging again—but for the sake of blogging, not necessarily to promote any of my works (I’ve still got Facebook for that, after all). I might post about stuff I’m doing here, but this is mostly just a space for me to be me, to curate art that I want to share, and to talk about whatever I want to talk about, as a person and not just as a creator.


Nine Inch Nails