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Anti-Social Space, Part Two

By the end of this year, I plan to retire my professional Facebook page. The fact is, it’s not like it’s making a massive difference in book sales. I’ve seen the exposure that each post gets and how there’s a spike mostly when I share the post on my personal Facebook page, so no sense in keeping up this pretense.

At this point, the only reason I’m still active on it is that I’m hoping that I’ll be part of BETTER THAN IRL, and promoting that book seems like a nice swansong for the page.

Besides, my main focus next year will be IN THIS TOWN OF STRANGERS, the comic I’m working on with Donna. I doubt the first issue will be out by then, and even if it is, we’re probably gonna start a dedicated Facebook page for the series anyway.

Which means that, by the end of this year, I’d have deleted Instagram off my phone and disabled Facebook. I won’t pretend like this will enlighten me or I’ll start reading more (my dwindling reading habits are more likely due to the shit show that’s been my life of late), but it’s at least less noise. And I could definitely do with less noise.

Tradd Moore

Anti-Social Space


I’d posted a couple of photos like this one on my Instagram recently, but broke them up into two-by-three grids each. Partly, it’s just because I like the way that looks on my page, but it was also fun to see if I could tell a story with each square.

I didn’t post this one on my Instagram though. It just felt more at home here instead. And I also switched my account to private the other day.

Am I shutting it down? No. I’ve thought about it many times. I’ve deleted photos, culled followers, sworn off it for stretches at a time, but never shut it down. And I don’t think I will. But I might just… leave it alone soon, possibly for good.

More and more these days, I need my own online anti-social spaces, where I can proverbially yell out into the void. This blog, visited by almost no one except maybe some WordPress bots,  is one of those spaces. No comments, no likes, no shares.

Instagram will never be an anti-social space, but it’s slowly becoming as close to one as it can get for me.