The Voice of Vengeance

It's been a couple days since Kevin Conroy's passing – and I'm still trying to find the words. I thought I could talk about how, despite having so else much going for it, Batman: The Animated Series simply would not have presented the definitive version of the character for me without Conroy. His voice embodied... Continue Reading →

“A Particularly Bright Spot”

Yesterday's launch party for Work-Life Balance at Singapore Writers Festival went wonderfully. When I got home last night, I figured, hey, today'll be a nice, quiet chance to rest and recover from our celebration. Then I received a message from Ben this morning with a photo from today's edition of Singapore's national paper, The Straits... Continue Reading →

Hook, Lion and Sinker

Taking a break from promoting Work-Life Balance to instead promote "Down Into the Waters", my new short story that's part of Jason Erik Lundberg's Fish Eats Lion Redux collection. I blogged before on how it revolves around themes of misogyny and colourism, but I think it might be worth very quickly talking just a wee... Continue Reading →

(More of) What’s Happening

5 November: Work-Life Balance Launch Party What a way to kick off Singapore Writers Festival. Don't get me wrong: it's been wonderful to see folks share kind words and photos of their copies online. However, I feel like this is when it gets really real – when we speak about our whole journey, meet (in... Continue Reading →

(Some of) What’s Happening

These are the events I'll be a part of over the next couple of months – the ones that have been confirmed or that I can officially tell you about, at least. As soon as more are announced, I'll make another post. 13 October: Dead Air Kyle and I will be chatting with Lily and... Continue Reading →

Hands on the Merchandise

Rounding up the whole Work-Life Balance experience, Difference Engine's just announced that you can get our Work-Life Balance Starter Pack bundle – which includes a copy of the book, as well as a treasure trove of merch like a mug, an A5 print and washi tape. Buy Now We settled the merch fairly later on... Continue Reading →

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