Workshoppin’ and Recommendin’

I've been preparing for a pair of workshop sessions I'm conducting over the next two weeks, as part of Sing Lit Station's Words Go Round programme. I'm excited and nervous 'cause I haven't done a workshop on my own, and in person, since before the pandemic. I've been rehearsing and re-rehearsing and even got a... Continue Reading →

Check This Out

I sometimes go down rabbit holes of things I'm interested in – or obsessed with. A lot of the time, I just end up telling Nadia about them, but I mean, come on. The poor woman's already getting married to me. The least I can do is spare her some of my weirdness. So, consider... Continue Reading →

New Short Story Coming Later This Year

I can finally announce that my fourth and final project for this year will be a new short story, "Down Into the Waters", appearing in Jason Erik Lundberg's Fish Eats Lion Redux. The collection's published by Epigram Books and will be out in October/November. That's right, along with Work-Life Balance and Internal Damnation in September,... Continue Reading →

Four Oh… and Just a Little More

I'm not usually a birthday celebration kinda guy. This is possibly tied into my shyness (yes, my shyness. Stop laughing, you), and even my own insecurities. But, much like everyone else, I do enjoy feeling loved. Nadia, of course, understands all this. Which is why – along with my cousin, Charissa – she planned a... Continue Reading →

Four Oh

It's my birthday today. The end of another decade – and what a decade it's been. Photo by Nadia, from just a little before 2012 I was planning to write a whole long post, going through my thirties and everything I've accomplished, both personally and professionally, and even reflect on the lessons I've learned along... Continue Reading →

In Person and Offline

Photo by Felicia Low-Jimenez Worlds Apart's launch event was heartfelt, hilarious and simply wonderful. The turn-out was fantastic – probably the best I've ever had for a launch, actually. It was great to see so many friends and family, and even some new faces too. These things always live or die largely by the crowd,... Continue Reading →

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