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(Features my short story, “Down Into the Waters”, 2022)
In 2012, author and editor Jason Erik Lundberg released Fish Eats Lion, the first anthology of literary speculative fiction to be published in Singapore, and opened the floodgates of acceptability for the genre in the island-nation, forever changing the landscape. Now, a decade later, he returns with Fish Eats Lion Redux, proving that SF is still alive and strong in the Lion City. With original stories by Meihan Boey, Ng Yi-Sheng, Nuraliah Norasid, Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, Suffian Hakim, Inez Tan, Cyril Wong, Daryl Qilin Yam and many more, this new collection shows beyond doubt that the realm of the imagination has never been so strange or so local.

ISBN: 9789814984751
Published by Epigram Books

(With Benjamin Chee, 2022)

When a menacing multinational arrives on our shores, familiar creatures like pontianaks, manananggals, rākṣasīs and ba jiao guis are forced out of their jobs. Some give in and sign up for mundane corporate life – but others would rather fight than join the broken-spirited hordes of the (desk)bound.

Benjamin Chee’s comics and Wayne Rée’s prose intertwine in this collection to bring you familiar Asian mythology in an even more familiar setting: the realm of dead-end work, glass ceilings, and truly hellish bosses.

ISBN: 978-981-18-4559-8
Published by Difference Engine

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“Think you’re stuck working with monsters in your office? Rée & Chee’s Work-Life Balance takes a whole new look at the possibility, using an interesting text/comics balance rarely seen.”
—Paul Levitz, President & Publisher of DC Comics (2002 – 2009)

“I read Work-Life Balance in one single sitting, then I went back and read all my favourite bits again! This is a tongue-in-cheek paean to the supernatural world of Asia and beyond, lovingly recreated in Benjamin Chee’s breathtakingly intricate set pieces and character designs. The story is full of fun, fast-paced action; taking a breath now and then to ponder upon all the things we (not just momoks) have to sacrifice in pursuit of making a living.”
—Meihan Boey, Author of The Formidable Miss Cassidy (Epigram Books Fiction Prize Co-Winner 2021)

“The power of juxtaposition is one of the strengths of graphic novels, and here comics are placed alongside prose to further provide a layered tale of identity, culture, and how we choose to define ourselves. Wayne Rée and Benjamin Chee have created a fine fantastical examination of the way communities reflect us, shape us, bring us together or tear us apart – something that isn’t very pleasant even for creatures that can segment their bodies into two.”
—Paolo Chikiamco, Editor of Alternative Alamat anthology and Co-Creator of Mythspace

“I’m convinced the creators of Work-Life Balance were drunk. It’s the only explanation as to how such a fantastic tale complemented by amazingly detailed art could be conceived. And by the time I was done with it, I was drunk too.”
—Elvin Ching, creator of The Woodsman

or get the Work-Life Balance bundle

(With Nurjannah Suhaimi, 2022)
It’s been a while since you caught up with Charissa. You finally – finally! – find the time to meet your friend for coffee, but after the usual pleasantries, she opens up to you.

She’s been diagnosed with depression. A moment like this can feel like a fork in the road. Will it lead to an emotionally rewarding conversation or… cause a lot of confusion and awkwardness?

Many of us still largely choose not to talk about mental health – and that often breeds misconceptions and social stigma. Join Charissa as she guides you through these unfamiliar territories and terrains that can be difficult to navigate.

Let the conversation begin.

ISBN: 978-981-18-4000-5
Published by Difference Engine


“Worlds Apart: A Conversation About Mental Health delivers a significant message – breaking the silence and stigma around mental health cannot be left solely to the professionals. Everyone can play a significant part in normalising it. Every conversation matters and we need to overcome it as a society.”
— Singapore Association for Mental Health

“Worlds Apart: A Conversation About Mental Health is a timely reminder that we are not alone and we can feel so much better with simply a chat. This book will make a difference to so many, instilling the confidence and encouragement to share and the understanding and awareness to listen. Wayne Rée’s whimsical and heartfelt writing together with Nurjannah Suhaimi’s captivating illustrations brings life to our chat with Charissa, the character from the book who has much to share with us. This chat takes us from a fantastical journey to space to battling evil villains and goblins as she opens up and conveys in her own unique way how she feels. As I learn more from Charissa, I can’t help but highly recommended this book as a read and as a gift to others as well.”
— Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Filmmaker & Author

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