Return of the Watched List

I've started watching The Wire – and, before any of you get started, save your oh-my-god-you-haven't-seen-The-Wire's. People can watch and enjoy shows at their own time. That said, there's little I can say that a whole bunch of people haven't already said, but despite the more annoying corners of its fandom, I'm still very much... Continue Reading →

Digital Goodies

There's a new ACTIVITIES tab towards the bottom of Difference Engine's Work-Life Balance page. And before you ask, yes, I check out our book's page every once in a while. What, like you wouldn't? Anyway, under the tab, you'll find sweet new Work-Life Balance wallpapers for desktop and mobile. Naturally, I used them on both... Continue Reading →

Updates. Well, Kinda.

A week ago, I had my first meeting with the team for the new project I'm supporting. (I cannot wait for the official announcement, if for no other reason than to actually tell you what this is – and what's my role in it – instead of comically dancing around the details.) I needed a... Continue Reading →

Write View

The very first time I wrote anything for Work-Life Balance, it was in a paper notebook during an afternoon at Haw Par Villa. I figured, hey, it might help to work in a place that matched the book's intended tone, right? It began to rain not long after I started though, and while I managed... Continue Reading →

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