Wayne Rée

Photo by Munira Mustaffa.

Wayne’s debut, TALES FROM A TINY ROOM, first hit the shelves in 2014. The former president for DC Comics, Paul Levitz, called it a collection of “delightful very, very short stories contemplating the peculiarities of the universe.”

The following year, Wayne’s limited edition experimental short story collection, PROMPT (co-authored with Anna AB), sold out over a weekend. That same weekend, he launched a brand new space-faring adventurer into the galaxy in YELLOW PRINCESS: ATTACK OF THE DINOSHARKS (co-created with Gene Whitlock).

2017 saw the release of YELLOW PRINCESS: ATTACK ON THE AMBER CITADEL (again with Gene). Nina Bargiel, a writer for DC Superhero Girls and Lizzie McGuire, said, “Yellow Princess was the hero I could’ve used when I was eight. Unfortunately time machines don’t exist. But thankfully, Yellow Princess does!”

His first issue with the snackable fiction anthology, PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR (as a contributor and editor) was also released in 2017, as well as MR MEMPHIS, an adaptation / remix of one of his short stories from PROMPT, by Benjamin Chee.

In April 2018, his short story, Satay, will appear in the final issue of LONTAR: THE SOUTHEAST ASIAN JOURNAL OF SPECULATIVE FICTION.

Wayne was a co-founder and editor of Singapore’s first tattoo magazine, FLASHINK. Two of his short stories received honourable mentions in the second volume of BEST NEW SINGAPOREAN SHORT STORIES. He has spoken about writing, at St. Joseph’s Institution International School (2015, 2016) and as part of the All In! Young Writers Festival (2017, 2018).

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