Quick Updates (Mostly)

It’s been a busy, chaotic month or so, as you can probably tell from the considerably fewer posts. I’m freelancing at an agency again, I’ve done a couple of workshops (both with Kyle and on my own) and we’ve been working on a new project for HANTU – all while still writing scripts for Ghost Maps somewhat regularly. Which is why, understandably, I’ll be skipping this month’s edition of The How-Do-You Series.

Things are starting to settle down just a teeny, tiny bit though, which thankfully gives me the time to digest an amazing opportunity I’ve received recently. I can’t say what it is yet – and there’s no guarantee that I’ll even be able to get it – but if all goes well, my life’s gonna go through a major upheaval pretty soon, though very much for the best.

In the meantime, the project in which I play a supporting role is moving along nicely. There’s been no official announcement yet, so at the risk of giving away its medium, we’ve just done a review of thumbnails and things are looking fantastic.

To close this post off, here’s a photo of the old Singapore Airlines sports club that I took, while Kyle and I were doing some groundwork for that new HANTU project.

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