Ghosted in the Best Possible Way

HANTU – the company that Kyle and I started to produce shows like Ghost Maps and Dead Air – has had quite an eventful last month or so. The first big piece of news is that we’re now a part of the Acast network.


What this means for us is that we’ve now got a partner that’s dedicated to helping make HANTU a sustainable business on our terms. What that means for our audience is that, eventually, we’ll be able to focus on producing more shows – more often – for you guys.

The folks at Acast have been absolutely wonderful, particularly Adam and Timi. They’ve made the transition to their platform seamless for Kyle and they’ve ensured that any and all ads or sponsorship deals they approach us with fit who we are as a company.

(Also, hey, we’re now network buddies with the Obamas!)

The other big piece of news is that Dead Air will be returning soon – and hoo boy, do we have a doozy of a guest to kick things off.

For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s Utt, a former VJ for MTV Asia – and the host of the long-running Singaporean anthology series, Incredible Tales. For an entire generation of fans, he’s the face of Southeast Asian horror, and we got to sit down with him and talk about his love of the genre, as well as his own encounters with the supernatural.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that, no matter how much you love the guy from watching him on TV, Utt is definitely way more charming, friendly and funny than you already think he is. We had a wonderful session with him, both on and off camera, and I cannot wait for you to watch this episode, which’ll go online on 13 June.

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to HANTU via YouTube, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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