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There’s a new ACTIVITIES tab towards the bottom of Difference Engine’s Work-Life Balance page. And before you ask, yes, I check out our book’s page every once in a while. What, like you wouldn’t? Anyway, under the tab, you’ll find sweet new Work-Life Balance wallpapers for desktop and mobile. Naturally, I used them on both my devices, which resulted in this nice little bit of unintended comedy on my phone.

I’m easily amused

The wallpapers would’ve been cool enough, but scroll back up a little and you’ll see that the eBook partners list is now all filled up too. Not based in Singapore and don’t wanna deal with international shipping? Well, you can get our book digitally via Apple Books, Google Play Store and more. Check out the full list – or, if you’re so inclined, buy a physical copy.

Swiped from Jason’s blog

Jason, Fish Eats Lion Redux’s editor extraordinaire, stopped by Melaine Oliveiro’s Page Turners podcast recently, where he spoke about the power of speculative fiction, some of the themes that are explored in the book, and even what it was like to work with Felicia in a very different context from the Sherlock Sam series.

Melanie also quickly mentioned that she enjoyed my “man-eating mermaids” story, which of course put a big ol’ smile on my face. The episode’s online, so…

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Also, the second edition of The How-Do-You Series goes live in a couple of days. It features an award-winning author who just so happens to have been in Fish Eats Lion Redux too. Check back on the 25th.

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