Updates. Well, Kinda.

A week ago, I had my first meeting with the team for the new project I’m supporting. (I cannot wait for the official announcement, if for no other reason than to actually tell you what this is – and what’s my role in it – instead of comically dancing around the details.)

I needed a photo, but all I had was this picture that I took back a couple of years ago

I’ve worked with most of these folks before, and the one team member I hadn’t already met is smart and empathetic and wildly artistic, so hey, looks like my streak of collaborating with awesome people continues. Aside from introductions, the meeting also clarified my level of involvement in this project. Which, as it turns out, is quite a bit more than I had assumed – a development that I’m totally happy about.

It’s not a case of bulldozing my way into a more visible role though; it’s about helping to sharpen the main players’ voices. In fact, if I’ve done my job right, you wouldn’t even be able to tell I was involved at all, just by looking at the finished product.

The rest of this month’s gonna be dedicated to refining the script, which isn’t to say that it’s gonna be completely quiet on this front till March. I know that official announcement is imminent. I’m not sure when exactly it’ll go online, but you know I’ll shout about it the moment I can.

On a more administrative note, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get these posts in front of more eyeballs. Some of you might’ve noticed that I sheepishly rescinded on my declaration to leave social media. Facebook – and, to a lesser extent, Instagram – have been the predominant means by which you guys have arrived here.

I’m still intent on relying on those platforms a whole lot less though, so I figure I’ll give something else a try: you can subscribe to my Buttondown newsletter. It’ll collects all my posts from the month into one email, so you can read them in your own time.

I’ll see how effective this is by, say, August. If it gains little or no traction, I’ll just quietly retire it. Until then, however, I’ll drop one of these in every couple of posts as a reminder:

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