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The very first time I wrote anything for Work-Life Balance, it was in a paper notebook during an afternoon at Haw Par Villa. I figured, hey, it might help to work in a place that matched the book’s intended tone, right? It began to rain not long after I started though, and while I managed to find shelter fairly quickly, the weather pretty much killed my momentum for that day. I didn’t take that approach again for Work-Life Balance – not for any particular reason, really – but I still liked the idea of having my environment align with what I was writing.

With that in mind, I tried to work on my novel (and one of my other projects) at Siloso Beach the other day and wouldn’t you know it? Right as a I began, of course – of course – it started raining again. Annoying, yes, but less in a “how dare you defile the sanctity of my writing!” kinda way, and more in a “yeah, okay, that’s pretty funny” kinda way. Besides, the first couple of times I try something new, it’s usually about ironing out the kinks in the process as much as it is about getting anything done.

So, yeah, I still plan to keep writing the novel this way, at least for now, and at a different beach every time. If nothing else, it can’t hurt to change up the way I work. Plus, it’s an excuse to take more photos, a habit that – as you can tell from my “best” shot of that day – I’ve clearly let fall to the wayside for a little too long.

I’ll post at least one of these every month, though it probably won’t be as lengthy, and I won’t be including word or page counts either. That’s just a bit more pressure than I need, honestly.

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