What is The How-Do-You Series?

The How-Do-You Series is an ongoing collection of interviews I’ll be conducting with creator friends – everyone from writers to artists to actors to musicians. In each edition, I’ll ask (pretty much) the same three questions. The goal is to show the different ways that different people tackle problems fairly common to everyone who works in the arts.

Sesame Street, featuring Don Music – my vote for best Muppet ever

I want the series to also create a sense of community on this blog, to give it a feel of being more than just a place where I talk about myself (though there will, of course, still be plenty of that).

I’ll be posting new editions on the twenty-fifth of each month, and I’ll create a tab for the series in the navigation menu, so that you can look up any interview at any time – and hopefully not feel so alone in your creative endeavours.

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