The Lovecat

While Nadia was her mum’s primary caregiver, our cat, Luca, stayed with them to offer emotional support. Now that Nadia’s moved back in with me – so has he.

Something’s setting off Spidey’s spider-sense (art by David Mack)

Since I’ve got your attention now though, lemme give you some other updates that have nothing to do with Luca. (That’s right – I know how the internet works.)

I’ve just signed the contract for a new project. I’m in more of a supporting role for this one, but it’s allowing me to work a different type of creative muscle, so I’m really excited. It’s scheduled to be released later this year and, as soon as I can tell you about it, best believe that I will.

I’ve also taken some steps — and I’m gonna take a couple more soon – to hopefully grow my career on an international level. And, yeah, I realise that sounds awfully vague, though for good reason. Aside from not wanting to jinx anything, I’m also very early into this endeavour, which means that there’s honestly nothing to tell you yet. Still, I wanna record this here, so that when it all pans out, I can look back to where it began.

Sing Lit Station

On a more concrete note, however, I’m part of Sing Lit Station’s Words Go Round programme once again. I’ll be conducting Playing By Ear, my workshop for secondary schools about writing podcasts. If you’re a teacher, you’ll be able to book the workshop at the end of January, so keep an eye on this page.

And that’s about it, folks.

… Oh, all right. Here’s one more photo of Luca.

Hellboy knows trouble when he sees it (art by Mike Mignola)

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