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The very first time I wrote anything for Work-Life Balance, it was in a paper notebook during an afternoon at Haw Par Villa. I figured, hey, it might help to work in a place that matched the book's intended tone, right? It began to rain not long after I started though, and while I managed... Continue Reading →

What is The How-Do-You Series?

The How-Do-You Series is an ongoing collection of interviews I'll be conducting with creator friends – everyone from writers to artists to actors to musicians. In each edition, I'll ask (pretty much) the same three questions. The goal is to show the different ways that different people tackle problems fairly common to everyone who works... Continue Reading →

The Lovecat

While Nadia was her mum's primary caregiver, our cat, Luca, stayed with them to offer emotional support. Now that Nadia's moved back in with me – so has he. Something's setting off Spidey's spider-sense (art by David Mack) Since I've got your attention now though, lemme give you some other updates that have nothing to... Continue Reading →

Just a Snip

A new beginning, a fresh start, or, as I referred to it in an earlier post, a turning point – whatever you call it, it's an idea that I tend to get lost in quite easily. It was certainly at the top of my mind when I visited my barber towards the end of this... Continue Reading →

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