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I had a session at Sing Lit Station’s Camp Lit the other day, where I conducted a workshop about writing horror podcasts. It was really fun for me and, I hope, for the students too – and it’s my last big event for the year. Sure, I’ve got stuff lined up in December, but none that are as creatively and mentally heavy as a workshop, or being part of four sessions over three weekends at Singapore Writers Festival.

I’m working freelance right now with the creative director I mentioned in my last post and, while that’s not nothing, I’m at the point where the stress of that line of work can’t hold a candle to the satisfaction of what I do as an author, comic creator and podcaster. If anything, it’s kind of a mental break for me.

Do I wish I could make a full-time living as an author and doing author-adjacent jobs like panels and workshops? I mean, yeah, of course. But at the same time, I’m grateful that I’ve at least worked out some sense of balance right now.

Sing Lit Station

More importantly though, can I just talk about the Sing Lit Station team for a bit? Because they are amazing. They arrange all these workshops for myself and other writers – speaking with schools, taking care of logistics and just supporting the authors in every way they can.

But to see them interact with the students at these workshops, to see them match the enthusiasm that the kids have – and to do so constantly? Man, that is not easy. I conduct two-hour workshops and am exhausted after. These guys live this life and have always – always – been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Big thanks to Charlene from her time with the organisation, and to the current team – Angela, Azira, Karisa, Matin and anyone else who’s helped out with my workshops.

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