The Voice of Vengeance

It’s been a couple days since Kevin Conroy’s passing – and I’m still trying to find the words.

I thought I could talk about how, despite having so else much going for it, Batman: The Animated Series simply would not have presented the definitive version of the character for me without Conroy. His voice embodied Batman in ways that no writer or artist could. He breathed life into him in ways no other actor had – or has ever since.

I thought that that would be enough, but it just isn’t. He made the character a larger than life icon, yet somehow still kept him so beautifully human. He brought pathos and rage to his performance, humour and love, adventure and introspection. He turned what was supposed to be just another gig into a lifetime of inspiration – igniting the imagination of generations.

And he did all of this with just his voice.

Now, how do you find the words for someone like that? The truth is, you can’t. All you can do is let them speak for themselves.

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