(Some of) What’s Happening

These are the events I’ll be a part of over the next couple of months – the ones that have been confirmed or that I can officially tell you about, at least. As soon as more are announced, I’ll make another post.

13 October: Dead Air

Kyle and I will be chatting with Lily and Yi-Sheng about Othman Wok’s work and his place in Southeast Asian horror. I’m super excited for this one, especially considering how much of my work these days is either horror or horror adjacent. Tune in live and join in our conversation with them.

20 October: gamescom asia

I was invited to be on this panel because of Work-Life Balance and Internal Damnation – and let me tell you, as weird as it felt to call myself a horror writer for a while, it’s a whole other level of surreal to be speaking at a games convention. That said, this panel’ll be covering a topic that I’m pretty keen on, beyond just my own experiences with it, so the wide-eyed expression I’ll probably be wearing will be out of equal parts interest and disbelief.

28 October: Halloween Horror – HANTU x Kizuna

Back to HANTU, we’re gonna be having our first live and in-person event! We’ll be sharing our ghost stories, inviting folks up on stage to share their own and enjoying supernaturally themed drinks like the Hantu Teh-Teh. It looks like seats are all booked up, but if you contact the folks at Kizuna, you might still be able to get a spot.

29 October: Red Dot Diva Live

Ben and I’ll be chatting with the Diva mostly about Internal Damnation and our own projects, while also teasing you about what to expect from Work-Life Balance’s official launch. (More information on that in the later post.) These live streams with the Diva are always chill, and she’s been a huge supporter of both our works, so this is gonna be a nice, relaxed session, before everything that’s coming in November…

November: Singapore Writers Festival

The big ‘un. I’ll be having a couple of events and panels during this month, but the two I can tell you about right now are The Soft, Ugly Underbelly panel on 19 November, and that I’ll be part of the 25 Pauses in Mid Thought conversations series. My exact date for 25 Pauses hasn’t been set yet, and I’m still working out what kinda conversation I’ll be conducting. The Soft, Ugly Underbelly panel, however, looks like it’ll be lots of morbid fun, doubly so since Felicia’s moderating.

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