Hands on the Merchandise

Rounding up the whole Work-Life Balance experience, Difference Engine’s just announced that you can get our Work-Life Balance Starter Pack bundle – which includes a copy of the book, as well as a treasure trove of merch like a mug, an A5 print and washi tape.

We settled the merch fairly later on in the process, so it was a nice way – for me, at least – to wind down after all the wonderful craziness of putting the book and the game together. It also drove home how grateful I am for the whole Difference Engine team

Even if they’d only provided their invaluable editorial input and advice, and published the book, that would’ve already been fantastic. But they went above and beyond, working with us to co-create the game and put together all this merch.

I used the phrase “Work-Life Balance experience” earlier because that’s precisely what they’ve made this. They turned what could’ve just been a great book into a much larger experience – and for that, I have to say thank you to Felicia, Shreya, Charlene, Melesa, Claire, Wen-Yeu and Lalitha, as well as Josephine and Sophia.

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