Work-Life Balance is Out Now!

The comics/prose mash-up that Benjamin Chee and I have been working on for around three years, together with the amazing team at Difference Engine, is finally out in the world! You can get it delivered straight to you, directly from DE.

It is easily the most ambitious project I’ve worked on and the culmination of my time as an author so far. I’m immensely proud of everything about it: the stories, of course – both my prose and Ben’s comics – but also everything else, from the behind-the-scenes material right down to the paper quality.

Don’t take my word for it though. We had some truly amazing creators say absolutely wonderful things about the book, like Epigram Books Fiction Prize co-winner, Meihan Boey, calling it, “a tongue-in-cheek paean to the supernatural world of Asia and beyond,” or DC Comics President (2002 – 2009), Paul Levitz, calling it, “an interesting text/comics balance rarely seen.”

And if a whole book isn’t enough, we’ve also released Internal Damnation, the accompanying text-based game, where you play as an intern in The Company, Work-Life Balance’s antagonistic multinational.

We’ll have an official live and in-person launch for the book soon, along with a whole bunch of other events. (If you haven’t gotten your tickets to this year’s Singapore Writers Festival, I would suggest that you totally should.)

In the meantime, get the book now and tell everyone about it! (If you’re sharing photos of your copy on social media, you can tag Difference Engine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or use the hashtag #WLBcomic.)

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