I Mean, Honestly…

You ever have one of (or even a few of) those weeks where you just wish everything would just go quiet for a day, just so you’d have time for absolutely nothing?

Yeah, me too.

I was tempted to preface this with something like, “It’s stuff that I love that’s keeping me busy though,” and it is, but that shouldn’t matter. I haven’t had a quiet day in a while and I desperately need one – and whether the noise is coming soul-crushing advertising work for clients or projects that I actually care deeply about, the fact is that it’s still noise.

The major difference, of course, is that now I can control when that quiet day happens better than I did before. I just need to remember that I have that power now, and not spiral into a foolish need to be productive all the time.

Sorry, this is a whole lot more honesty than I imagine you were expecting on a Sunday afternoon from a blog where I sometimes talk very excitedly about Lego. The thing is, when I resurrected this fella to eventually take the place of social media, I told myself that I want to keep it as true to me as possible, while yeah, still promoting my stuff too. And, really, I’ve generally been trying to be more honest in my life and writing for some time now.

And the honest truth is that sometimes, I get tired and miserable – even though I’m still happy. Feelings are complicated and that’s okay. If you’ve taken anything from this post, I hope that’s it.

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