Near, FA, Wherever You Are

Hoo boy, what a busy last couple of weeks.

It’s been one project after another – sometimes a few of them all at once. Because almost everything’s still a work-in-progress though, there aren’t any actual, concrete updates I can give beyond one very big milestone: Work-Life Balance is in the final art stage of production.

We managed to score a couple of wonderful praise blurbs, for the cover and French flaps, one of which is from – no hyperbole here – an actual comics legend. We’re currently looking at things like embossing and cover stock and all the things that Ben knows infinitely more about than I do, but for all intents and purposes though, Work-Life Balance is pretty much done.

I’m currently trying to clear the decks a bit more, then maybe take a couple of days in the week after next to just disconnect and read. October and November are gonna be possibly even busier, but hopefully in a good way, so I’m gonna need some downtime before then. Fingers firmly crossed, I can just rest all through December though.

Before that, however, Jannah and I will be conducting another workshop, this time at the Woodlands Regional Library.

Don’t be fooled by the recommended audience. It might be targeted at teens, but we’ll be talking about the comic-making process and how comics can help talk about difficult topics – all of which are relevant to pretty much any age range.

The workshop’s happening next Sunday. We’ve already received a decent number of sign-ups, so if you want to join us, make sure you…

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