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Work-Life Balance has been in development in some form or another for nearly three years now. (Thanks, horrible global pandemic.) The other night, Ben and I met up with the Difference Engine team to see a test print of the book – and I can finally feel myself getting closer to exhaling the largest sigh of relief in the history of sighs.

We’ve settled all the major things, from page layouts to paper quality, and have even gone through a round with a professional proofreader. At this point, all that’s left is to give it one final look-through and reach out to a ton of folks for praise quotes. There’s one particular creator that I really, really, really hope says nice things about the book. If they do, I think I can live off that high for the next ten years, honestly.

(Also, a special thanks and shout-out here to the newest member of the DE team, Charlene Shepherdson. It’s been great discussing launch and promotional plans for Work-Life Balance with her – and she’s been advising me on a new workshop I’m putting together too.)

If you don’t know what Work-Life Balance is all about, you can…

I was planning to take a break over these last few of weeks, but my personal life has been… busy. Nothing horrible, thankfully, but a couple of unexpected developments popped up, turning what was supposed to be a restful stretch into anything but. Hopefully, after this final look-through for the book, I can unwind a little more.

I did manage, however, to pop into a brick-and-mortar record store about a month back to pick up Ramones’ Leave Home and Pixies’ Surfer Rosa, so there’s that. It was a nice place called Surface Noise Records, located in Textile Centre. Of all the record shops I’ve checked out, their selection seems most aligned to my taste. If you wanna take a look at their catalogue, you can…

(Tip: visit their store in person, if you can. Their used records bin has a number of weird-ass gems like music from the old Ultraman series and the soundtrack to that wonderfully terrible Street Fighter movie from the nineties.)

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