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I sometimes go down rabbit holes of things I’m interested in – or obsessed with. A lot of the time, I just end up telling Nadia about them, but I mean, come on. The poor woman’s already getting married to me. The least I can do is spare her some of my weirdness.

So, consider this the first of (maybe) many posts where I share the stuff that’s taking up too much of my headspace, for better or worse.

Lord Death Man

DC Comics

I saw that this old Batman villain’s making a return and it reminded me of how much I loved him in Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s Batman Incorporated. I hope DC eventually reprints the English language collections of Jiro Kuwata’s Batman manga, where Lord Death Man first started to gain some notoriety. I really regret missing out on those.

The Daily Bugle Lego Set

Marvel, Lego

I can’t afford to drop close to five hundred bucks on a Lego set right now, but good goddamn, if I had that money, I’d order this in a heartbeat. I have actually been meaning to start getting some Lego sets though, even if it’s not this bad boy specifically.

I love the sense of order that comes from putting them together – and the end result’s so much more fun than having new Ikea furniture. (Though, to be fair, new Ikea furniture is pretty nice too, says the guy who just put together a new television bench, and shelf for his books and records.)

Mega Drive 2 Mini


I swear, this obsession with stuff from when I was a kid has nothing to do with turning forty…

The Mega Drive Mini was probably one of my favourite purchases of the last few years, and I’m really looking forward to the full list of games that come with the Mega Drive 2 Mini. Fingers crossed that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are part of that line-up, but if nothing else, that six-button controller is enough of a reason to drop good money on this.


I haven’t bought a new record in a while. I was considering Sparks’ Lil’ Beethoven at one point, but I think it’ll be nice to pick up something from a brick-and-mortar store first.

I’ve got my eye on Ramones’ Leave Home – my favourite Ramones album, incidentally – at a place around Bugis. Depending on how much I drop at the comic shop this weekend, I might swing by to pick it up, if it’s still there.

(I do actually want to do up another new series of posts for this blog – one that involves interviewing other creators and creative types – but that’ll probably have to wait till after we’ve put Work-Life Balance to bed. I have to be careful not to pile too much onto my plate.)

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