A World of Thanks

Now that Worlds Apart is officially out there, there are a couple of people that I want to thank; folks who were absolutely indispensable during the creation of this comic. But first, if you haven’t already…

Obviously, thank you, Jannah. Jannah is an incredible artistic partner, and that’s even before you take into account that this was our first collaboration. We hadn’t met in person before we started working on Worlds Apart. I’d seen her previous work and we’d had a Zoom call and then we were off to the races. Chemistry is important in any collaboration and it says so much about Jannah that we worked so well, despite building our chemistry under these less-than-ideal circumstances.

Next up, the Difference Engine team. I need to thank Felicia for trusting me to take on this subject. It’s an incredibly intimidating topic to tackle, but the fact that she believed in me filled me with the confidence I needed to dive right in. I need to thank Sophia for being incredibly smart, not just with her feedback (which absolutely shaped so much of this comic, by the way), but with how she fostered our spirit of collaboration. And I need to thank Claire and Wen Yeu for making this whole comic look so damn good.

Priya Jean, you get a thank you too. I hadn’t completely nailed down what I wanted to do with this comic, until I had lunch with Priya one afternoon. She gave me some great advice, which helped to solidify my approach. I wouldn’t have been able to stick the landing on Worlds Apart if not for her.

To my cousin, Charissa. The very first person in my family with whom I’ve had honest, open and helpful conversations about mental health – there could only be one person that I’d name our comic’s main character after. Thank you, couuuuuuuuuusin!

And of course, thank you to my partner, Nadia. Your advocacy for mental health inspired me throughout the creation of this comic and continues to do so.

If you’d prefer to get Worlds Apart in person rather than online, you can do so at our launch event.

Seats are limited and filling fast, so make sure you…

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