In Person and Offline

Photo by Felicia Low-Jimenez Worlds Apart's launch event was heartfelt, hilarious and simply wonderful. The turn-out was fantastic – probably the best I've ever had for a launch, actually. It was great to see so many friends and family, and even some new faces too. These things always live or die largely by the crowd,... Continue Reading →

A World of Thanks

Now that Worlds Apart is officially out there, there are a couple of people that I want to thank; folks who were absolutely indispensable during the creation of this comic. But first, if you haven't already... Buy It Now Obviously, thank you, Jannah. Jannah is an incredible artistic partner, and that's even before you take... Continue Reading →

Countdown to Launch

You might've already seen it, but hey, I'll take any opportunity to show off our incredible cover for Worlds Apart. I really love what Jannah came up with, together with Sophia and our hardworking designer, Claire Low. Brilliantly composed and gorgeously realised, it perfectly hints at what's to come within. Difference Engine's also officially announced... Continue Reading →

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