The Big Comedown

Nadia and I don’t live together. She’s her elderly, immunocompromised mother’s primary caregiver. So, any time we have together is always a blessing for us. Her mum had to be hospitalised over the holiday season and, as unfortunate as that was, Nadia and I were thankful we had a week to just be with each other.

Soon, however, the season started to wind down and she returned back to her mum’s flat. We both felt the sting of things reverting back to the way they were: living apart and snatching too-short afternoons together. That sting hit her first and, because of her situation, it hit her hard. We fought a little (perfectly natural, all things considered), but by New Year’s Day, we were holding each other once again, appreciating every second in each other’s presence.

This morning was my turn to feel the full force of that sting. I woke up and my bed seemed emptier than ever, my heart aching because I couldn’t roll over and start her day with a good morning kiss. As much as I miss her though, I try to still take comfort in how wonderful our holiday break was—a much-needed reminder of everything we mean to each other and of the future we’re working towards.

It’s been a tough journey so far—but it’s one that I wouldn’t even have taken with anyone else but her.

If you’re lucky enough to live with your partner or spend as much time together as you want, treasure it. Remind them how much you love them. Never take that for granted.