Criminally Unread

First off, Happy New Year! I hope we all have a great 2022 with considerably more ups than downs.

I’ve spoken a little about the projects I’ve got on my plate for this year, but we’ll get to those in future posts, especially when we’re closer to their release dates. In the meantime, however, I wanna talk a little about how I’m planning to unwind, specifically my reading habits.

I wanna try and stop by this stall at Marine Parade at least twice a month. I’m hoping that picking up beat-up ol’ comics will be a regular reminder of where my love for this medium began, from a time when I was less boxed in by my current tastes and more just excited to pick up any ol’ issue. (My first two purchases from the other day were an issue each of of George Perez and Len Wein’s Wonder Woman, and Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer.)

I also want to read as many of Richard Stark’s Parker books as I can. I’ve just reread The Hunter and loved it even more this time. Stark’s writing is clear, breezy and engaging, which is enough of a reason for me to finally dive into this series, but the added bonus is that the Parker books are as far removed from my own projects as you can get. This helps me to to read purely for leisure—not having some element of whatever I’m reading remind me of my work.

(I’ve got lofty goals of finally taking on Alan Moore’s Jerusalem too. I’m not ruling it out yet, but for now, I’m mostly looking at the Parker series.)