A Rundown of Upcoming Projects

It’s technically my first day of agency work for the whole of January, but since I’m mostly only on standby today, here’s a quick look at what’s on the cards for 2022, as of right now. Work-Life Balance is the big one for the year. No announced release date just yet, but I can say […]

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The Big Comedown

Nadia and I don’t live together. She’s her elderly, immunocompromised mother’s primary caregiver. So, any time we have together is always a blessing for us. Her mum had to be hospitalised over the holiday season and, as unfortunate as that was, Nadia and I were thankful we had a week to just be with each […]

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Just One More Thing

I’ve just finished the first two seasons of Columbo on the Hits channel and it was such a joy. The show itself is wonderful—the writing’s clever and charmingly hilarious, and Peter Falk is so much fun to watch. But I think I derived even greater pleasure from the regularity at which I watched it. Not […]

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