Goodbye, 2021

I’m always worried about new years, but particularly this one. Since 2020, my life has changed for the better. I’ve gone from a full-time ad guy to a freelancer. I’ve started new relationships with collaborators who’ve proven to not only be great for me as a creator, but as a person. I’ve learned—and, really, am still learning—how to prioritise my mental health.

2022 is gonna be a year where a few of the new projects that I’ve been working on come to fruition. I’ve got plans for possible other new projects to start on. And, through all of this, I’m still trying my very best to remain a freelancer. More than the start of last year, I truly feel like I have so very much to lose. It’s frightening—though not entirely in a bad way.

But this post isn’t about the future just yet. All of that will hit me like a ton of bricks, starting with a thankfully short stint at an agency throughout January, along with a script for another freelance project in that same month. Since I’m going to be swamped throughout the start of the year, I’ve decided to take a slightly-more-than-a-week-long break to close out 2021, starting from this past Wednesday.

The first half of that break was spent with Nadia and our Christmas celebrations, but this coming week’s going to be focused on a couple of other things (though lazing around is certainly top of that list).

1. Walk. I want to take a trek around Jalan Terang Bulan, the neighbourhood where my aunt used to live and where the whole family used to gather for Christmas. Granted, the big day itself is over, but as we slowly wind down from the spirit of the season over the next week, it’ll be nice to indulge in some Christmas memories.

2. Read. I’m taking it slow with Wesley’s The Punkhawala and the Prostitute, wanting to savour it instead of rushing through. If I have the time, however, I also wanna pick up Douglas Wolk’s All the Marvels, and reread Richard Stark’s The Hunter ’cause I’d love to make my way through all the Parker novels next year.

3. Video games. I’ve been neglecting my Sega Genesis Mini since one of its controllers went on the fritz, but I’ve got another one handy—and I’m so so soooooo close to beating Street Fighter II!

4. Columbo. The Hits channel started showing this classic detective series recently, and I’ve been hooked. I’ve got a few episodes to catch up on and new episodes every day.

Unsurprisingly, this is gonna be my last post for the year. I might not be posting very much in January either because of how much I have on my plate—so, until the next one of these, happy holidays and, as frightening as 2022 might seem for you too, may it be filled with love.