Mapped Out

For those of you who regularly tune into Ghost Maps, the narrative podcast by Kyle and myself, you’ll have heard at the end of the most recent episode—our fiftieth!—that we’re taking a break for the next couple of months.

It is, if I do say so myself, a well-earned break, for a team that has been building this show up for the last two years—a team that consists not just of Kyle and myself, but of our designer and our mysterious narrator. We were initially a monthly series and slowly got into the groove of producing an episode every two weeks, more or less. Along the way, we also started Dead Air, worked towards creating Unearthed and even produced a short film. And it all began with Ghost Maps.

Or, more specifically, it all began with Kyle.

In almost every collaboration, no matter how equal the partners involved are, there’s usually someone taking the lead. Kyle has been our leader. Ghost Maps, as it is now, was shaped by both of us, but the original idea came from Kyle. Kyle doesn’t just direct every episode, but edits it all on his own. And he’s also our social media manager too, responding to comments and finessing the more technical side of things, like SEO.

It’s not just Ghost Maps either. Dead Air and Unearthed were a hundred percent Kyle’s babies at the start. And even though Closing Time was an idea birthed by Kyle, myself and another collaborator, it most certainly was Kyle who shepherded it into being—as the director, as a co-producer and even as translator for a huge chunk of the script (the Bahasa Melayu bits were wonderfully translated by both Nadia and one of our leads, Cassandra Spykerman).

I tell him constantly, but this is always worth repeating: any and all success that Ghost Maps has achieved, and will continue to achieve, is thanks to Kyle. As cliché as it is to close this out with a call-to-action, if you wanna show him how much you appreciate his (and the team’s) work, you genuinely can do so by subscribing to us on Spotify and YouTube, and following us on Facebook.