Healthy Anniversary

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of my relationship with my partner, Nadia. You might’ve seen her screaming loudly at my live events (or making sexually inappropriate comments when those live events are online). Our history goes back much further than our relationship though and she’s affected my life in countless ways—but one of the best things about being her partner is how she’s inspired me to really take a look at my mental health.

If you’ve seen Altered Lives, the docuseries that she was a part of, you’ll know that her life is… complicated. But it was complicated before she even became her mum’s full-time caregiver. She’s had to address many personal issues that have impacted her life, friendships and relationships tremendously—and continues to do so.

I needed to not just appreciate that, but understand it. Very early on, I followed her to a session with her therapist. Her therapist asked me then whether I knew what I was getting into. Confidently, I said, “Yeah, of course.” But… well…

Over time, however, I learned. I learned how to not just be a better partner for her, but to be a better person—and so much of that stemmed from watching how she handled her own mental health. I still have lots of my own baggage to address, and will do so in my own time, but without Nadia’s friendship (and, eventually, love), I don’t think I’d have had the guts to even entertain the idea that I’m a work in progress.

Happy Anniversary, babe. Thank you for being my hero—and I hope that I’m yours too.