No-Screen Saturdays

Over these last couple of years, I’ve been adjusting different aspects of my life for the betterment of my mental health. Switching from social media to blogging as my predominant form of yelling into the internet void is the latest, but one that’s had a surprisingly huge impact has to be my No-Screen Saturdays.

As the name implies, for one day a week, I’ll keep my phone off and my laptop shut, from the time I wake up till around six in the evening—and it’s been great for me on a couple of levels. By cutting out my biggest distractions for a few hours, I usually get a decent chunk of reading done or spend most of my day giving my records the attention that they deserve, all of which seriously helps me to relax. But it’s not just the stuff I do that’s important.

I’m one of those sick people that enjoys taking long flights. Being on a plane for hours puts me in a nowhere place. It’s not a conducive situation to do anything “productive”, so I have no choice but to focus on reading, music or even just zoning out. Like those long flights, No-Screen Saturdays force my brain to stop thinking about work, which anyone can tell you is an essential part of being a writer.

Doing so every week, however? That’s made me realise just how much I’ve needed to get away from my work—on a regular basis.