Dancing Around the Details

I had a fantastic call yesterday with the Difference Engine team, as well as a couple of other folks, about that additional element for Work-Life Balance that I’d (very briefly) mentioned before. I still can’t say too much, but I will say that I’m gonna have the opportunity to challenge myself a little with it—and that’s got me seriously excited. This additional element’s gonna be my main focus for most of December, so expect me to talk about it a fair bit (albeit in the broadest of terms).

We’ve also received the last couple of comments for our second round of sensitivity readings. Ben’s already hard at work on that end. It’s kinda wild to me that we’re actually this far into the project and I’m just so grateful that the Difference Engine team’s been such brilliant collaborators. Not only do they understand what we’re trying to do with this book, but they’ve helped to elevate it every step of the way.

And a great publisher’s not something to take for granted. Seemingly almost every comic publisher in the American market has their own issues (no pun intended, I swear). And yeah, of course I still hope to work with a couple of them at some point, but honestly, I can’t imagine any of those companies being as wonderful as Difference Engine.