Medium Matters

I feel like I need to rewatch the first two episodes of Hawkeye. I don’t think I was giving ’em a fair shake. I mean, yeah, I’m enjoying the show well enough so far, but at the back of my mind, all I was thinking was, “Why?” It makes sense to me that they would […]

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No-Screen Saturdays

Over these last couple of years, I’ve been adjusting different aspects of my life for the betterment of my mental health. Switching from social media to blogging as my predominant form of yelling into the internet void is the latest, but one that’s had a surprisingly huge impact has to be my No-Screen Saturdays. As […]

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Just Nadia Things

Nadia, after seeing a heavy metal-styled decal on the back of a van: “What the fuck is a Lemon Slayer?” Me: “… It says Demon Slayer, honey.” A new episode of Altered Lives, the docuseries that highlights what Nadia goes through as a caregiver, will air on Channel News Asia tonight at 9pm (GMT +8) […]

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