If you’re here because of Singapore Writers Festival…

First off, hi. I hope you enjoyed the panels that I was a part of.

This post will tell you about my books and other projects, as well as where you can find them all.

My first published work of fiction was the spec-fic short story collection, TALES FROM A TINY ROOM. David Mack—the creator of Kabuki and a writer for Daredevil—called it “a charming book of original stories, each with its own voice and personality.” You can get the expanded edition and the first printing from BooksActually.

MR MEMPHIS was a western/ supernatural short story that I had written, which Benjamin Chee remixed into a western/ supernatural/ wuxia comic. Physical copies of MR MEMPHIS are completely sold out, but you can get a digital copy (which includes the comic and the original short story) here.

GHOST MAPS is a serialised narrative podcast that I’ve co-created with filmmaker, Kyle Ong. It follows a mysterious narrator as he chronicles the supernatural in Singapore and around Southeast Asia. All episodes are inspired by stories shared by real people. You can listen to it on Spotify, YouTube or any of the other major podcast platforms.

I’ve been slowly building a speculative fiction universe of stories set in a world that’s been mostly submerged after a cataclysmic event. These stories focus on survivors who’ve made their home in the ruins of a Singaporean icon, now just a “high-rise kampung” that its residents have dubbed Three Towers.

The first of these stories, “Satay”, appears in the final issue of LONTAR: THE JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN SPECULATIVE FICTION, edited by Jason Erik Lundberg. This volume also features work from Victor Fernando R. Ocampo (together with an accompanying illustration by Sonny Liew), Marylyn Tan and Graeme Ford, and Cyril Wong. You can get it directly from Epigram Books or from BooksActually.

The second story set in my Three Towers universe is “To Ashes”, which appears in INFINITE WORLDS MAGAZINE #3. This issue also features other fantastic short stories from around the world, incredible sci-fi illustrations, and an interview with hip-hop pioneer, Del the Funky Homosapien. The first printing of this issue has sold out, but you can pre-order the second printing here.

PULP TOAST was a short-lived speculative fiction journal. Issue three, which I co-edited with Joelyn Alexandra, features “Loop”—my weird and tragic Philip K. Dick-inspired short story about fate. A very limited number of copies are still available here.

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