State of the Union

I have a new short story in the tenth, and final, volume of LONTAR: THE JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN SPECULATIVE FICTION.

Satay is, as described by the official synopsis, a story about “post-apocalyptic satay cookery in Marina Bay Sands.” It’s also about fathers and sons, compromise in the name of a perceived greater good, and class divisions.

(But, yes, it’s all tied together by satay. This is my first ever “Singaporean” short story. Of course it was going to centre around food.)

This issue also features works by other prominent creators from around the region, such as Sonny Liew, Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, Drewscape, and Cyril Wong. It will officially be released on 18 May 2018, but you can already order it directly from the publisher.


Courtesy of Epigram Books.

I have two other projects scheduled for release this year, and two that don’t have set release dates. I’ve given code names to the three of them that haven’t been announced yet.

  • Kill Your Darlings is a new short story I’ll be contributing to the fourth issue of the snackable fiction anthology, PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR. I’ll also play a greater editorial role in this volume. We’re in the second round of edits right now. PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR #4 is due out in August.
  • Project: Lazarus is probably my biggest release for this year. It’s currently with my publisher’s designer and features, among other short stories, an updated version of We Grow Buildings Here, a piece that was originally published in my second book, PROMPT. It’ll also sport new accompanying art from my friends – Audrey Chan, Paul Hendricks and Donna Lye. More information as we get closer to its release date, which is currently planned for sometime before November.
  • Project: Eidolon is a spec script that I’m developing with Paul and my buddy Kyle Ong, a director and photographer who’s worked with Discovery Channel and Nikon. We’re currently on our second draft and, when it’s ready, we’ll start shopping it around. So, clearly, a release date is nowhere even close to being on the cards yet.
  • Project: Malice is a twelve- to fifteen-issue comic maxi-series that I’m co-creating with Donna. We’ve already planned out the overarching story and have a plot for the first issue. We’re potentially possibly maybe looking at launching it in the middle of next year maybe possibly potentially at an international comic convention. However, in case I wasn’t clear enough, those release plans are definitely not set in stone.

Most importantly though, for the first fifteen days of June, I’ll be on a complete break.

Between my books and comics, anthology contributions, and script work, I might have gone a little bit overboard this year. So, for those two weeks next month, I’m swearing off writing of any kind, including blog posts and my newsletter.

Don’t worry. You’ll live.