(Headlines never were my strong suit.)

This week’s post is going to be extra lengthy, so bear with me.

I’ve sent Kill Your Darlings, my story for PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR #4, over to Joelyn Alexandra, the anthology’s managing editor. Unless she has any violent objections to the story, that is officially it for my 2018 prose work.

Sure, there’s still editing to be done – for Kill Your Darlings, as well as the other stories in PULP TOAST – and there’ll be proofreading for Project: Lazarus, but everything that needs to be written’s been written.

Which means that my attention, in terms of grunt work, will be on Project: Eidolon, as well as a comic that Donna and I are co-creating.

I don’t really wanna reveal too much about the latter – we’re still laying the ground work – but things have already developed quite a bit. What I can tell you is that we’re looking at producing a maxi-series (twelve to fifteen issues, each roughly about the length of a standard American comic), the overarching story is pretty much settled, and we’ve plotted at least two issue’s worth. I’m gonna codename this one Project: Malice.

Last Thursday, Paul, Kyle and I had a very productive meeting about Eidolon. The basic structure of the script is all set, but it needs to be refined. I suspect that Eidolon will be my main focus till about June or July. Once the writing and editing’s all done, it’ll be more pitch work – which, yes, I’ll be involved in, but won’t require the same head space as writing and editing.

The second half of the year will be Donna and I working on Malice, hopefully. We’re not setting any release date in stone just yet.

A quick update about LONTAR. Two weeks back, I posted an image of the working cover, so here’s what the final cover looks like (taken from LONTAR’s website).


Thanks to some last-minute donations, the issue’s printing costs are not only fully covered, but it’ll be printed in full colour, giving Drewscape’s comic and Sonny Liew’s piece the treatment they deserve.

I want to wrap this post up by going back to PULP TOAST for a bit.

Starting from 2019, PULP TOAST might be the only place where I’ll be producing new prose work. This was a decision that I’d made last year, but didn’t want to publicly talk about till the fourth issue, LONTAR and Lazarus were well into development.

Honestly, this simply boils down to finding more of a balance in my life. After all, while being a writer certainly requires work, I’ve always been mindful not to let that work turn into a chore.

I’d briefly toyed with the idea of cutting prose out of my life completely, at least for a couple of years – so it was somewhat serendipitous that Jo offered me an editorial position with PULP TOAST while I was thinking about what to do. I figured, hey, if I’m editing the anthology, I might as well keep that inevitable prose itch under control while I’m at it.

The decision’s also informed how I’m picking what I will be writing. Comics being a collaborative, though ultimately visual medium, means I not only can share the load, but the real heavy lifting comes from the art. TV/film script work is something I’ve always wanted to try my hand at, and with Kyle at the helm, I’m being guided by someone who knows their shit.

Of course, this is all just me looking ahead. I’ve still clearly got a fair bit of stuff that I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on this year.