The Other Stuff

With LONTAR at the printers and Project: Lazarus with the designers, I’m going to be focusing my attention on two other projects I’ve got on my plate.

I mentioned one of them back in my first post on this blog, but haven’t really talked about it since – I’ll be contributing a new story to PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR #4. The theme for this issue is “This Is Not a Test”, and my piece will most likely be titled Kill Your Darlings, my little nod to the commonly quoted, but commonly misattributed bit of writing advice. I’ll also take on a more active role as the anthology’s editor.

Maybe next week, I’ll talk more about PULP TOAST itself and how it’s going to fit in my life from next year onwards.

The other project I’m working on is something I’ve codenamed Project: Eidolon. It’s a spec script that I’m developing with Paul Hendricks and my buddy Kyle Ong, a filmmaker and photographer that’s worked with Discovery Channel and Nikon. I’m putting on the finishing touches of the first draft this week, then sitting down with Paul and Kyle on Thursday to beat it into shape.

After that, it’s all new territory for me. I’ve never worked in film or television before. I have no idea how long we’ll take to shop it around, if it even gets made into something eventually, and if it does, what form it will finally take. I will say this much: I’m very excited to see where this journey’s heading.

I mentioned last week that Project: Lazarus will be on shelves before this year’s Singapore Writers Fest. I should clarify that we’re not, however, going to be having a spot on the festival’s programme.

That said, my publisher and I are already discussing promotional events we can have in support of Lazarus. Right now, the launch venue is pretty much set and we can fix an actual date once we know when the book’s going to be ready.

On Saturday night, my girlfriend and I got to see the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill perform live. It is insane that, twenty years after The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, her voice is still as beautiful as ever and she’s putting on shows like no other. Hands down, one of the best concerts I’ve been to in years.