The Rising of Lazarus

The contract for Project: Lazarus has been signed, so while I had no doubt at all before that this was happening, I can now officially say that this is indeed happening.

I’m being somewhat reserved about this, I know, but this project is honestly a huge deal for me, probably the biggest thing to happen to me, as an author, since my first book, TALES FROM A TINY ROOM, was released. I promise that when I can finally reveal what it is, I’m going to adequately lose my shit.

The manuscript and art are also all off to the designer. Yes, art. I worked with three artists on Lazarus, two of whom I’ve collaborated with before.

  • Audrey Chan contributed a piece for TALES FROM A TINY ROOM back in 2014. She also did a short story with Gail Simone for Grey Haven Comics’ anthology, The Gathering.
  • Paul Hendricks contributed two pieces for TALES FROM A TINY ROOM, designed PROMPT, and created accompanying art for Departure Magazine.
  • This will be Donna Lye‘s first published piece. We have plans to work together again, however, on another project further down the line.

We don’t have a definitive release date for Lazarus yet, but barring any massive changes, it will definitely be on shelves sometime before this year’s Singapore Writers Festival in November.