It’s hilariously fitting that my panel with Felix Cheong about handling rejection, at the All In! Young Writers Festival on Saturday, was rejected by all but two of the event’s attendees.

Had I been on the panel with anyone else, I might’ve been upset. But Felix and I had a good laugh about it, and carried on with a relaxed session that hopefully helped (or at least entertained) the students that joined us. A huge thank you to the Book Council; our moderator, Dom; and everyone who made All In! a blast for me again this year.

On a personal note, I got to discover that Felix is as warm and friendly as his books are wonderfully crafted and well-written. Thanks, Felix, for sharing your eye-opening stories, being a great partner during our session, and paving the way for a Singaporean literature culture that allowed me to publish my own books.

Get VANISHING POINT by Felix Cheong from Books Kinokuniya. 

We’re less than $800 away from covering the printing costs for LONTAR: THE JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN SPECULATIVE FICTION #10. As I mentioned before, this issue will feature Satay, a brand new short story by yours truly.

Satay originally started life as an idea for a novel that I wanted to do a while back, set in a future world where Singapore was mostly submerged, and kampungs were set up in the remains of surviving high-rise buildings. I eventually decided to shelve the novel, but not before wanting to see whether the world had legs, so I wrote a short story set in it. It’s the most Singaporean of any of my short stories – something I never thought I’d be able to do convincingly – but I’m actually very proud of how it turned out.

If you haven’t already pledged your support for the issue, you can do so at the journal’s Patreon page