All In! Young Writers Festival

Let’s start off with a quick update for Project: Lazarus first.

I’ve got a back cover quote from a very prestigious creator – and I mean, a very prestigious creator. It honestly blows my mind how lucky I am that this person agreed to say some very kind words about my book.

I’ll be at the All In! Young Writers Festival this Saturday, as part of the panel, TRUTH BE TOLD: HANDLING REJECTION IN PUBLISHING. Here’s its official description.

The publishing landscape can be harsh and terse with what it wants and what it likes. How does one handle rejection from publishers, agents and writing competitions? This session tells you how.

This is my second year at All In! and I genuinely love what Book Council’s doing with this event. It’s a great opportunity for students, with the kind of access to professionals I wished I had when I was a kid.

If you’re a parent whose child has an interest in writing or if you’re a teacher that would like to sign your class up not just for my panel, but also for the other fantastic talks at the festival, you can register for the event here.

(I did an interview a little while back, in support of my appearance at All In!, with National University of Singapore’s Radio Pulze. I talked about my books, writing, and finding a balance between work and my projects. You can listen to it here.)