Do You Even Blog, Bro?

Does anyone anymore? I mean, obviously Warren Ellis does, because of course Warren Ellis does.

Anyway, this is going to be short-form blogging. We’ll start with just a little of my personal life and mostly my projects, but see how things go over time.

I have a few projects due out this year – two unannounced for now and the fourth issue of PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR. I’ve codenamed those first two projects Project: Lazarus and Project: Icarus. 

There are a couple more things to settle for Project: Lazarus before we start looking at stuff like design. This one sees me reuniting with some fine folks that I’ve worked with before. There’s no release date just yet.

The contract for Project: Icarus has been signed and we’re looking at an April release date, so proper announcements relatively soon. My editor for Project: Icarus is someone I’ve wanted to work with for a while, but things only really aligned last year. Here’s an excerpt.

At five o’clock every morning, the halls of the fortieth floor would be thick with the grey smoke emanating from the grill, a queue having already formed an hour earlier. One at a time, people from every level would climb up or come down to the old man and give him a reverent salaam. It didn’t matter if they were from one of the most respected families of the upper levels or the lowest scavenger, Rafi’s father treated everyone equally and they would show him respect in kind.

PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR #4 is scheduled for an August release date. More info about that here.

I was in Bangkok last weekend, living a life of leisure while my girlfriend worked. It was excellent. I definitely recommend it. Here’s my “white girl on holiday” shot.