Coming in May 2019

Tales from a tiny room_cover3In September 2014, Math Paper Press published my first book—the short story collection, TALES FROM A TINY ROOM. It was a dream come true, and the creative momentum from that book has kept me going ever since.

Almost five years later, I’m incredibly proud to announce that the second printing of TALES FROM A TINY ROOM will be released in early/mid-May. This expanded edition will feature three new stories, a brand new cover, and new accompanying art by Audrey Chan, Paul Hendricks and Donna Lye.

A second printing was never something I even thought was on the cards for me. All I ever wanted since I was seventeen was to put out a collection of slice-of-life stories as filtered through the lens of genre fiction. I never expected it to resonate with enough people that it warranted a new lease of life.

So, thank you to Kenny Leck and the team at Math Paper Press—but also thank you to everyone who’s bought, read and enjoyed the first printing of TALES FROM A TINY ROOM. Your love for this little book has made this new edition possible.