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(adapted from my short story)

A stranger comes to town to find peace. A salesman comes to town to make a deal. And that’s when everything starts to unravel. Because if the devil’s not in the details, then the question is… where is he?

Debuting at The Rolling Ronins Booth at Comic Fiesta 2017


Delightful very, very short stories contemplating the peculiarities of the universe.
Someone should publish it in the U.S.
– Paul Levitz, President of DC Comics (2002 – 2009)

What happens when two gods sit on a park bench and compare universes? Why does a reporter’s world fall to pieces after he meets someone who can fly? What’s the secret of the man who changes with every city he’s in? Eleven short prose pieces taking you from the everyday to the extraordinary. These are the Tales From A Tiny Room.

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(as co-creator)

Yellow Princess was the hero I could’ve used when I was eight. Unfortunately time machines don’t exist. But thankfully, Yellow Princess does!
– Nina Bargiel, Writer for DC Superhero Girls and Lizzie McGuire

Get both volumes of the series – Attack of the Dinosharks and Attack on the Amber Citadel – at a special two-pack price! Join Yellow Princess, everyone’s favourite caring and space-faring adventurer, together with her brother Scarlet Pilot and her best friend FR1END, as they help people, aliens and robots from all across the galaxy, while fighting injustice!

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(as editor and a contributor)

We spend our lives chasing, looking up to, and wanting to be the heroes or heroines of the world. The chosen ones, if you’d prefer. As a result, we don’t hear the stories from the sidelines, maybe even missing out on something more interesting and human. This issue of Pulp Toast looks past the faces on the poster.

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(as co-author)

Does a puff of smoke conjure up a deal with the devil you don’t know—or a whispered myth that haunts the professional wrestling circuit? Would you connect the idea of sacrifice with the admin team of the dark gods—or an immortal trying to make a living? And does graffiti make you think of a cryptic spray-painted message—or lumbering modern-day giants?

There are always two sides to every story—or is it the other way around? Two distinct writers. Fourteen short stories. Seven simple prompts.

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